Meet a Museum Blogger

Dear readers,

I’m working hard on an upcoming post, and it’s taking me more time than I anticipated to think this one through.  In the meantime, fellow blogger Jamie Glavic has begun a series called “Meet a Museum Blogger” on her Museum Minute blog.  She sent a variety of questions to answer, and uses these to create a profile. This week I was featured.  If you are interested in finding out more about why I decided to create this blog, and some other musings about museums, please visit her site.

Jamie has already profiled some other bloggers, and you’ll find interesting and provocative material on her blog.  I’m grateful to her for starting this series, and I encourage you to read her posts and to follow her on Twitter @MuseumMinute. 

Now back to my post-in-progress!  Happy New Year to all- Gretchen

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