Children at the Border: Seeking Information, Comments

In the context of my periodic posts on The Empathetic Museum, I’m preparing a guest post for another site on how museums are/might be concerned with this humanitarian crisis. There is a great deal written today about museums, community and inclusiveness, as well as  museums as forums. How do these qualities to which museums aspire play out in connection with specific national/international concerns such as the border crisis?  Is your museum addressing the issue of the unattended children at the border in any way – through discussions, through any kind of program or activity? Do you know of any museums involved?  Is this something museums should address?  How, why, or why not? I’m interested in any information or comments you can send.  Send as comments to this post, or contact me @gretchjenn on Twitter. If you are reading this on email, and wish to comment or subscribe, please click on Thanks for your help with this.

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